Wednesday, 2 June 2010

OPI Haul - Designer Series & Matte You Don't Know Jacques

Working in Bankstown can be a dangerous thing. By that, I mean dangerous to the wallet, since Bankstown is home to a large collection of discount OPI at Pronail on Greenfield Parade.

I dashed in last Friday afternoon, after work, just before my flight to Canberra - it had to be a quick browse around though, as I had to get the train and only had a limited amount of time, therefore I only looked at the OPIs

My selection - I wanted to try out the matte collection, as it seemed pretty interesting, and I couldn't go past the gorgeous Designer Series

Matte You Don't Know Jacques -I think I'd like this polish if it wasn't matte - it makes it hard to put on, as too many strokes, and you end up with an uneven finish. Quite annoying

Conclusion: It's a nice neutral colour, but matte takes effort to achieve a perfect finish, plus I'm not a huge fan of the effect, I much prefer glossiness!


mademoiselle délicieuse said...

The colour looks like chocolate! But agree that it would b harder to get an even finish.

retrodaze said...

Ooh I'm planning a visit to this store next weekend and I agree, it is very dangerous!

There's something else that I've started buying from the store, aside from nail polish. Skinlite makeup remover wipes! I was so excited when I saw these because I picked up a few Skinlite products from Sasa in HK last year. The cucumber ones smell so nice and they work out to be great value!

missklicious said...

md - It does look quite chocolatey! Too bad that it doesn't go on nicely though =(

retrodaze - Awesome! Have fun there =)

I'll have to check out those make up remover wipes next time I'm there!

Arisha said...

Hi, can you tell me what size box that was? Like how many lbs?

missklicious said...

Arisha - Not quite sure sorry! I think it said 6 on the box?