Friday, 25 June 2010

Summit Restaurant - Australia Square, Sydney

Looking for a special venue for an early birthday dinner celebration, Summit was a last minute choice. In hindsight, I should have took more notice of the reviews, as they were quite spot on - food was not amazing, service was bordering on non-existent on a not so busy night. 

I'm not meaning to give a terrible review, but when the meal is within a certain price point, you expect a bit more... but my experience was underwhelming, to say the least. Guess it's all about the pretty view?

And boy, it was a nice view! 

Menu - they have a $79 deal for 2 courses, either starter + main, or main + dessert

Ruby Sunset cocktail - described as a fruity blend of fresh mango & pineapple, along with white run & mango liqueur with a splash of jam. This was basically a smoothie, with the slightest hint of alcohol

I tried not to fill up on bread, but failed miserably, most of that lovely butter was slathered on & hogged by me

Amuse Bouche - this was a creamy chestnut and mushroom soup, probably not an accurate description of it, but that's all I remember of it - was quite nice

My starter - lobster & yamba prawn naked ravioli mariscos - lobster, balmain bug, prawn, claypot tomato estofade, calamari, lemon, parsley, the calamari was really tender, but on the whole, it wasn't anything to write home about

3 hour braised black angus beef cheek

oyster blade “raviolinni”, durum wheat egg pasta, candied garlic, root vegetables, hunter shiraz glaze & butter - the meat was fall apart tender, and the glaze was packed with flavour, so much so that side dishes are a must with this dish, otherwise it ends up being a bit too much

Sirloin on the bone - can't comment on this dish, as it wasn't mine & I didn't try any, but it appeared to be quite tasty

Hand cut chips - I love potato, so this was a winner, and a very welcome accompaniment to my beef cheek

Condiments with the steak - I used them for dipping my chips, classy!

Dessert time

Desserts saved the day!

Dark caramel & hazelnut semifreddo, scorched orange caramel, orange salad & brown sugar glass biscuits - loved the semifreddo & the orange salad was great - zesty and sweet 

Hot chocolate souffle (their signature dish) with dark chocolate sauce & hazelnut praline cream

I think the main thing was the service that I had an issue with. It wasn't particularly busy, but everything took ages, and my table was mostly ignored. We sat there with empty dishes, on more than one occasion, whilst waitstaff walked past and were quite attentive to the tables next to us.

We received our coffee with dessert, and sugar was noone in sight. It was almost impossible to get the attention of staff, since for some unknown reason, we were mostly avoided.

I enjoyed the view though, that and dessert, was the highlight of the night.  I'd probably be back, but not for the Summit Restaurant, but to try out the tapas at the Orbit Bar.

Summit Restaurant
47/264 George St
Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9247 9777


panda said...

shame to hear about the service but the view does look amazing. loving the look of all the desserts too!

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

What a shame! Haven't been here myself and haven't heard much about it either. But I agree, you do expect a certain amount of attentiveness when you're forking out a handsome amount for the food.