Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Cine Restaurant & Bar - Entertainment Quarter, Sydney

As I mentioned, I watched Toy Story 3 last weekend.  Entertainment Quarter for a mid-afternoon movie was perfect since there is a selection of restaurants to choose from for lunch, and I could also take a sneak peek at the Entertainment Quarter village markets (which were fantastic by the way, dutch pancakes, BBQ and blinis, I will be back for you soon!)

Most of the restaurants seemed quite empty - my guess is that everyone was enjoying their markets food too much! Anyway, the closest restaurant was located after movie ticket purchases, and that just happened to be Cine Restaurant & Bar, right next to the cinemas.

Tight for time - I was glad there weren't many customers in (even though that's probably a bad sign during a weekend lunch!)

A lovely starter - garlic prawns

A hint of garlic, and wonderfully creamy sauce, I wish there was more bread though to soak up the sauce!

Beef magdalione - eye fillet atop smashed potatoes with chef's mild tomato and chilli pickles topped with a vino rosso jus

Steak and mash - not dissimilar to the $7 version at my local pub, but still nice, wasn't a great big fan of the strange tomato and chilli sauce plopped on top though

Fettuccine pollo - chicken and mushrooms flamed in extra virgin olive oil, light pesto and topped with shaved parmesan

No comment on this dish, as it wasn't mine, and I only had a little taste, but the pesto was definitely not 'light'

Overall - it's an OK place for a quick feed before a movie, and use of Entertainment Book, but definitely not a place you would make a special trip out of your way to visit

Finished lunch with enough time to nosy around the markets, and get some snacks for the movie! Hello, Toy Story lucky dip.

The Entertainment Quarter
Shop 211, G01 Driver Ave
Moore Park NSW 2021
Ph: 02 9332 1409


katthroatworld said...

omg, looks amazing! and how good was toy story 3? i cried at the end. =P

missklicious said...

It was SOOO good! I loved it. And me too, the 3D glasses are good for hiding teary eyes! LOL