Monday, 5 July 2010

Cure for Mondayitis with The Chocolate Room - Sussex St, Sydney

A relatively newcomer to the chocolate cafe scene, The Chocolate Room is tucked on a quiet corner, easily forgotten.  Every time I walk past it (after having dinner and being full to the brim already) I tell myself that I'll try it next time - and finally I got around to it:

Takeaway menu - they have a variety of hot chocolates on offer, some memorable ones include banana, tiramisu, strawberry, apple & cinnamon, just to name a few

Unfortunately, the hot chocolates sound better than they taste. 

Vanilla hot chocolate - this was mine, and it was mainly froth,  I gave up half way through as it didn't even taste particularly vanilla-ry

Caramel hot chocolate

The saving grace:

I love how there's a choice of white,milk or dark chocolate with the fondue, I chose white, as I love white chocolate and strawberries, a winning combination!

Strawberries, bananas & mini wafers

210/298 Sussex street, Sydney
Ph: (02) 9269 0004


retrodaze said...

That looks like a max brenner hug mug!

I haven't been to this place before but imo, there can never be too many chocolate cafes!

Charlie said...

the fondue looks so good! I´ve never tried that, there´s nowhere to do that around here, buuhuu...!

juznie said...

OMG white chocolate fondue. *Drrooll*

missklicious said...

retrodaze - It's such a blatant copy of the hug mug! They even named it something similar (the name escapes my memory atm though)

And I guess you're right, no such thing as too many! hehe

Charlie - Awww, what a shame! I guess you could always make your own chocolate fondue though, just need some ingredients and the fondue set, and voila!

juznie - I love how they offer the choice of white choc, most places only do milk!

Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella said...

I've gone past this place and wondered what it was like. A shame about the hot chocolate but at least the fondue made good. :)

Ladybird said...

I get disappointed when I visit these places and thing like a basic hot chocolate fail to impress... I would definitely give that fondue a go though - yummo!

discoremixx -♥ said...

Have always been intrigued by this place having walked past it a couple of times. Too bad the hot chocolate wasn't any good.

The Guylian's cafe at The Rocks is worthy of a visit if you've not been there already!

missklicious said...

Lorraine - Yep, it was saved by the fondue! I will steer clear of the hot choc next time, maybe they were just having a bad day?

Ladybird - I know what you mean, it's the first thing they should be perfecting as a chocolate cafe.

discoremixx - Hello :) I've tried the Guylian cafe, and quite enjoyed their cakes!

Anonymous said...

They call their cups the Cuddle Cups. It is a knock off of Max Brenners. They never seem to nail the hot chocolates. They should if they are specialising in chocolate. I also wonder why most of their Victorian stores are closed down???

Anonymous said...

Yea I agree wit ya'll their first impression on me was same. But guess what? I’ve been there last week with my gf, and the quality of hot chocolate and coffee was like the best I ever had. I guess ya'll give a second go too :P