Friday, 23 July 2010

Encasa Spanish Restaurant - Haymarket, Sydney

I love an early dinner when it's cold, and tapas is calling my name at Encasa on a Thursday night, straight after work.
Interesting and fun decor

Hungry hungry hippo, perusing the menu, I only had eyes for the tapas though, even though they have pasta and pizza too

From the specials menu:

Jamon & leek croquettes, these were so tasty, packed full of creamy potato and jamon deep fried goodness

Patatas Bravas - Loved this too, especially the generous amount of salsa & mayo

Vieras en Azafran - Scallops in a creamy saffron sauce - these were OK, not amazing

Pinchos de Pollo con Mojo - Chicken skewers with red capsicum, olive oil, cumin and vinegar

Ok, so I said I only had eyes for the tapas, but we ordered this small meatlovers pizza too.  I like the small size! (I guess it sort of counts as tapas since it's so tiny!)

And to top it off with dessert:

Churros with white chocolate sauce - the sauce was actually more like a hot chocolate, not sure if that was how it was meant to be

Overall, it was an cheap and cheerful place to dine, and I'll be back to try the other tapas, and the paella perhaps?

423 Pitt Street
Sydney 2000
Ph: (02) 9211 4257


retrodaze said...

Ooh looks yum! I want to go back and try some more dishes as well, they have so much on their menu!

Anonymous said...

That looks so good! And is the Patatas Bravas in tapas size or main? Because that looks like a lot!

Amy @ cookbookmaniac said...

I'll go ahead and say it. Encasa has one of the better spanish tapas in sydney. the almond meatballs are one of my favourite thinds to eat. I must try the croquette on my next visit :)

Popcorn said...

heheh the small pizza looks cute. the scallop shells look pretty.

Thanks for sharing.

missklicious said...

retrodaze - I know! It's hard to choose from all the delicious sounding options. There's always next time though!

Anon - There's only 1 size for the Patatas Bravas, and it's quite a hearty serving, but it goes fast... Mmm deep fried potato goodness

Amy - They are definitely high up on my tapas list, though I haven't tried many. I totally eyed off the meatballs that the other tables ordered, they were huge, and looked delicioua!

Popcorn - I like the small pizza size as I find them quite filling, mini sizes are good!

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

I love how their small pizza still comes out on the large platter! Haha =p