Sunday, 11 July 2010

Etch Restaurant - Sydney

Saturday night was a highly anticipated dinner at Etch Dining.  I couldn't resist after all the awesome pictures from all the food blogs, and made myself a booking - I was especially looking forward to the desserts (hello, caramel date tart and lolly tray!) 

 I wore my new Camilla & Marc thistle frock, with all the pretty floaty layers, Alannah Hill puffy sleeved blazer, black opaques, and Tony Bianco poetic ankle boots.

Arriving at Etch - I love the quirky decor - think pretty wallpaper, luxurious ottomans, and funky frames.

I already had a fair idea of what I wanted before I arrived, but the specials sounded quite nice as well!

Bread - wonderfully soft and moreish bread with dipping oil

Hi chicken!

I always judge a restaurant on whether they offer you all the water options ie: the usual still or sparkling, AND tap.  I hate wanky places that pressure you into paying you for water, or don't offer the option - and give a snooty look when you ask for tap. Thank goodness Etch isn't one of these places, and I couldn't fault the service.  It was friendly and attentive, and I really enjoyed the casual feel of the restaurant.

Peach keen cocktail - Bombay sapphire, Rose, French Earl Grey & Peach, they have quite a list of delicious sounding cocktails, I had a hard time picking! 


Caramelised pork head, roasted prawn, pickled rhubard, kholrabi puree

This was my entree, and I loved the pretty presentation

I had entree envy though - Pan roasted Queensland scallops, cauliflower puree, bhaji and curry oil, the scallops were perfection and I loved the bhaji too, wish this was my entree!


Roasted sirloin, daube of beef, spinach, carrot, red wine jus

Provencal potatoes, aged prosciutto, smoked garlic mayonaise - My kind of dish! Potatos, prosciutto + mayo, yum!

Crusted sea bream, Jerusalem artichoke barigoule, trompette puree

Dessert time - As mentioned earlier, I decided what I wanted already =D

Caramel date tart

With Earl Grey tea syrup and burnt butter icecream - one word, DELICIOUS is all you need to know

Etch lolly tray - such a cute concept, and I love the idea of having 4 desserts in one! hehe

62 Bridge Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Ph: (02) 9247 4777


Charlie said...

what a stylish outfit! you go girl! and those food photos would make anybody hungry, yummy!

retrodaze said...

It all looks absolutely delicious! I think Etch is great, your post just made me want to revisit :)

panda said...

earl grey tea syrup and burn butter icecream sounds divine!!
just letting you know i've awarded you with the 'sweet blog' award. when you get a sec, swing by my blog and pass the award along!!

Tina said...

Pork head?! Nose to tail indeed.

Yay, you got your desserts!

marloperry said...

Yum, I love Etch!

I've been there so many times since it opened it feels like a second home hehe

I love the caramel and date tart, I even made it once at home from Justin North's cookbook- French Lessons.

I always get the lolly tray, too. So cute :D

Linda V said...

Yum dessert and the lolly tray look super yummy and lovely presentation.

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

really wanna go there, date tart looks so tempting !

missklicious said...

Tina - The pork head is not something I'd usually order, but it was very flavoursome and good!

And yes!! hehe I got the desserts!

marloperry - I love the lolly tray, it's adorable. And wow, how did the caramel & date tart turn out?

I'd love to revisit soon. I can see why you've visited so many times - great setting and fantastic food

Linda V - Lolly tray is a super cool idea, simple but fun and delicious!