Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Mizuya - Sydney

Mizuya is the default option when in the city, and unsure of where to eat.  Close by on convenient George street after a day of shopping, it's practically open all day, and doesn't require bookings.

Le touch screen - I like this concept, as you can order at your own pace

One of their many mocktails - this one was mainly ice, and didn't have much liquid, I ended up leaving most of it behind

Deep fried squid - very tender and tasty

Soft shell crab hand roll


Can't remember exactly what this one was - kushiage


Pork sausage kushiage

Eggplant kushiage

Scallops - these were a massive fail, they didn't taste fresh, and were slightly rubbery, not things you want your scallops to be!

Mizuya Japanese restaurant and karaoke
614 George Street

Sydney NSW 2000

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Tina said...

I can't resist soft shell crab hand rolls - yum!

katthroatworld said...

that soft shell crab hand roll looks so freakin' good. TT i'm so hungry now. lol.

Sarah Vino said...

Wow I love the touch screen to order!

missklicious said...

Tina - Neither can I mmm deep fried soft shell crab is awesome!

kat - I know what you mean, I'm craving for jap food right now -_-

Sarah - It's great for pacing yourself!

Anonymous said...

i'm glad to hear you enjoyed it, I have been wanting to try it but the 2 times i've tried to go it's been booked out with a 45 minute wait. but i will check it out on a weeknight maybe. the pork sausage kushiage sounds so yummy, i love pork sausage!!! thanks for sharing all the piccies.