Monday, 16 August 2010

Glass Brasserie - Hilton Hotel, Sydney

On the hunt for yummy souffle desserts, which brings me to Glass Brasserie at the Hilton Hotel. 

I've been here previously, but only for the buffet breakfast whilst staying here.  Night time brings a more luxurious feel and a lovely view of the QVB opposite the Hilton building

The friendly waitress brings out some much needed bread (I was starving!) and it was fantastic, crusty on the outside, still warm on the outside

I wasn't a bit fan of the olive oil though, but that's due to personal preference, I prefer flavoured oils

Luke Mangan's cold pressed extra virgin olive oil

Pan fried potato gnocchi with corn, asparagus, courgette, parmesan and lemon thyme

This was delicious, although I found the parmesan a little overpowering. This was an entree size, and it was massive! I would have happily ate it as my main dish - loved the vegetables in this dish, especially the courgette!

I was tempted to just order a few canapes as entree, but this gnocchi dish sounded too tempting!

Seared sea scallops, cauliflower cream, black bean & tabouli dressing

My dining companion's entree, I thought this dish was quite pretty to look at! I didn't get to try any though, I was too enamoured by my gnocchi

Rockdale beef fillet, 200gm
café de paris, parmesan & truffled French fries

There's the parmesan again! I wasn't a fan of the fries as I was already overloaded with parmesan with the gnocchi. 

Rangers Valley sirloin, spiced with daube of beef cheek crushed Jerusalem artichokes, tempura zucchini flower

This was my main - the sirloin steak was nice, very tender. I'm not sure how their steak cooking system works, as the other main was ordered medium well and my dish was medium, but they ended up the same.

To be honest, I didn't think the main was amazing, and secretly wished that I'd ordered something else instead! I was really looking forward to dessert:

I barely had to look at the dessert menu as I knew what I was going to order! I was momentarily tempted by the other offerings too though (pannacotta, chocolate assiette)

Toffee souffle with brownie icecream

Vanilla creme brulee with macadamia biscotti - love the shallow dish for this one, maximum toffee coverage!

Level 2 Hilton Hotel
488 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Ph: (02) 9265 6068


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Ahh what a shame you weren't wowed by the food there! The entree is huge though and really the size of a main at a lot of places!

annoiii said...

Oh the food looks yummy! I went there before but didn't think to try the deserts! The creme brulee sounds delicious:D

Ladybird said...

I like shallow, wide dishes for creme brulee too - you can just keep on cracking the crunchy top, it's so much fun.. hehe ;)

The souffle looks amazing - love the presentation in the mini pot

Fiona said...

ooh should have just gone for coffee and dessert!

missklicious said...

NQN - I know! I was struggling to finish my entree because it was massive!

annoii - I think the desserts are probably the highlight so it's a shame that you didn't try them!

Ladybird - Me too! The crunch is the best part, the little pot is really hot! I almost burnt myself (my own fault though since the waiter did warn me!)

Fiona - I'm tempted to go just for dessert to try out the others!