Saturday, 28 August 2010

I heart Eveleigh Markets

I love Saturdays and the favourite activity on the top of the list is Eveleigh markets.

I love the cute doggies that are so well behaved, the lovely aroma of coffee and a variety of breakfast goods including Kylie Kwong's Billy Kwong stall, Bird Cow Fish, Sonoma and not to mention all the sweet goodies. It's seriously heaven!

My mission was to buy some biscotti and shortbread to take overseas as gifts:
I bought 3 packets of biscotti - this one is the pistachio, I also bought cardamon, pear and pistachio which I may or may not have polished off today

Almond biscotti. I also bought some yummy buttery macadamia shortbread which I have kept out of sight to prevent further consumption by me!

I was sidetracked on the way to the Biscuit tree:

Trios of chocolate at the Gumnut stall - this is a very tempting combination with one each of passionfruit, strawberry and lime. Love the sound of the flavours!

I had a taste of the lemon myrtle too and it was lovely, a very unique flavour, and I got this little box of lemon myrtle and wattleseed. Yum! Love that they have these unique flavours - I won't be taking these overseas as it will be way too hot (excuse to gobble them all up myself muhahha)

Mini marshmallows from Sweetness stall - squee!!! cute little bag with mini colourful marshmallows, can't wait to get into these!

And no weekend is complete without the giant weekend papers.... Bliss


chocolatesuze said...

aw thanks for your support dude! glad you liked the biscuits!

missklicious said...

suze - no probs! your mum was really helpful and friendly, I had soo many samples! hehe