Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Japanese Kit Kats - Bitter Almond & Framboise

Everytime I set foot in a Japanese grocery store, I have to take a peek at the new Japanese Kit Kats on offer. This time, I manage to get my hands on 2 new flavours - Bitter Almond and Framboise

Bitter almond - I've yet to try this one, it sounds like it could be nice...

Pretty in pink Framboise

Pink polka dot packaging

Inside shot - this one was a bit too sickly sweet tasting, even for me! It had a very strong fake raspberry taste, I would have preferred it paired with white chocolate


Anonymous said...

The packaging is cute!

Trees said...

When I was in Japan they had green tea kit kats - I really wanted to try but they only came in packs of like 20! I didn't want that many - especially if I didn't like them.


missklicious said...

Anon - Japanese stuff always has the most adorable packaging. That's why I always get sucked in!

Trees - Wow, packs of 20? I'm sure they come in single form too though! I saw giant soy sauce Kit Kats in Tokyo, but wasn't game enough to try! hehe

Bee said...

The strawberry sounds wickedly fake and delicious! We got a couple of funny Kit Kat flavours from World Square supermarket last year, I think it included grape flavour (really bizarre) and sweet potato.