Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Mamak Corner - Garran, Canberra

A frosty night in Canberra, and it's off to dinner with a friend, reluctantly due to the cold weather.  A suggestion was made for a restaurant I'd never heard of, a Malaysian restaurant, in Garran.

It was a great choice.  A little hole in the wall type place, simple, with some good food.

They had pink lemonade on the menu! I had to order it.

Entree- chicken wings, these were OK, a bit salty, but the serving was really generous!

This doesn't look like anything fancy, but it was so tasty! Beef Rendang, tender chunks of beef in a really nice curry sauce

Ipoh noodles - These were really nice too, but I wish there were more noodles, I felt like I had to scrounge for the yummy noodles

And the best part of the meal - dessert:

Gula Melaka - I wanted to order this at first, because I adore anything sago related, but of course, I had to order the ultimate Malaysian dessert:

Ice Kachang - This was the best version I've tasted (not that I've had a lot) but it was just the right mix of flavours, and the ice cream added a nice touch too. 10 out of 10 stars.

Mamak Corner Restaurant
4 Garran Place
Garran ACT 2605
Mamak Corner on Urbanspoon


jess said...

pink lemonade!! I am sold

missklicious said...

jess - Pink lemonade is the bomb! Your blog entries are hilarious by the way. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Mamak has fantastic Malaysian food, it's one of my favourite restaurants in Canberra!

Bee said...

As a Malaysian, I don't rate it. I do love Mamak in Darling Harbour though.

Anonymous said...

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