Monday, 23 August 2010

Not so good Monday

Today started off well enough, day off on Monday is the best day of the week to have off!

Slept in, had a few yummy pastries for breakfast, and off to my dentist appointment, which went as it usually does, until my dentist asked me whether the wires were bothering me (the end pieces which end up digging into your cheek after a while) so I said yes, and he went to cut them off as per usual, but this time it got caught and embedded in the side of my mouth. Ouch!

These things happen though, and it wasn't actually painful at all to take out as he ended up numbing it.  I think the thought of it was more painful than anything else!

I'm channelling spring with my outfit

Sass ruffle singlet
Cream skirt from a boutique in Japan

My shopping ban didn't really work - isn't that alway the case? You end up finding heaps of gorgeous things when you aren't meant to be purchasing anything!

Cute bows and pearls - this cardi is called 'Cover Me in Syrup'

With the rest of the outfit

Another weekend purchase - Platinum brand floral tights

Lunch was at a nearby dentist, but half my mouth was numb so it wasn't 100& enjoyable, and I'm not sure what I did, but I deleted a whole heap of photos from this weekend accidently! Grr.

Beef spring rolls with a salad and sweet chilli and sour cream dipping sauce - sounds quite odd, but it was nice! We also had chicken skewers (one of the deleted pics) that were amazing. We were hesitant to order asian style at this little cafe, but it ended up being great.

Really into tea lately - this is Rosehip tea (which was too strange tasting for me) I had a Lavender Grey the day before though, and it was yummy!


Anonymous said...

I really love the outfit and its color, so so pretty!


Lily said...

haha i love how you always channel all the negatives into shopping and food. ;)

retrodaze said...

Love that first outfit, especially the cream skirt! Great colour combo.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I love the outfit, esp the ruffle singlet. I sometimes wish i can pull off that colour but i cant. my hair colour just clashes with it and looks horrible. and the cardi is soooooo cute!

Charlie said...

love the colours and ruffles in your outfit, really pretty!

juznie said...

Lovely outfit (yet again :)) The bow detail on your cardigan is adorable!

Jess said...

Gorgeous ruffle top