Tuesday, 31 August 2010

On Ramen (2) - Haymarket, Sydney

On Ramen is becoming my go to place for quick and fuss free Japanese food, usually chosen when I'm hungry and too tired to bother waiting in line for the more popular places.

Chicken katsu ramen set - with a generous serving of the tasty chicken, I like how they keep it separate from the ramen so it doesn't become soggy

Chicken yakitori skewers

Fish katsu curry

Cheese sausage

Simple but tasty

On Ramen
Shop 4 181-187 Hay street
Haymarket NSW 2000


Anonymous said...

Mmmmm looks good. I've never tried it before. Cheese sausage looks very very cute! Never had fish katsu curry before either! Sounds like a yummy combo. Thanks for sharing :)

Lily said...


have yout tried ramen kan? best salmon salad