Thursday, 5 August 2010

Singapore trip

My upcoming trip is coming together nicely, and I will be leaving on Friday the 3rd of September, just under a month!! =D

Planning is being undertaken as we speak, I'm still deciding on a hotel, but I'm indecisive so that's proving to be a massive task! There seems to be so many fantastic hotels, so it's really hard to choose! I will go with one of the deals with Singapore Airlines though, as they have hotel packages with transfers, discounts, free entry to attractions etc

Please feel free to give me recommendations!


bowsnhearts said...

Haha, I am from Singapore!

Lots of food places - usually the smaller open air food courts have the best food! Don't be turned off by the heat, dirt or people.

Shopping-wise, just go to Orchard Road as usual..and you get Topshop, Zara and a lot of high street brands.

Do try out food at hotels...they are amazing despite the price tag. For example, the very famous (and also quite exxy but still affordable) chicken rice at Mandarin Hotel!

missklicious said...
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missklicious said...

Oh yeah!! How can I forget? I think it's because you've been MIA from the blogging world!

I've just booked the Shangri-La and it looks pretty nice, so excited!

I've just been browsing as well, and there seems like there's going to be ALOT of nice food x_x *needs to bring second stomach*

What about the more touristy stuff? Sentosa, the zoo etc?