Thursday, 19 August 2010

Sparkle Cupcakery - Sydney

There's been something catching my eye at the David Jones Food Hall lately, Sparkle Cupcakery pop up stall that's been there for a few weeks only on selected days it seems.

I really wasn't expecting much, as store bought cupcakes tend to look lovely but sometimes are quite disappointing when you eat them. I tried a white chocolate and strawberry one night, and it was great! The cupcake was nice and moist, and the icing was good too (not overkill like some places)

I love the black box they give you when you buy half a dozen - feels a bit special, and it's actually fantastic for transporting cupcakes around! I've lugged them around the place all day, and they are still perfectly intact

Top left to right - Banana Toffee, White Choc and Strawberry, Lavender and Honey
Bottom left to right - Lemon squeeze, Pure Sparkle and Milk Choc

Pure Sparkle - vanilla cake made with vanilla bean & extract, you can actually see the vanilla bean flecks!

Lavender & Honey - lovely scented cake with honey frosting, I really enjoyed this one as it was something a little bit different

White Chocolate and Strawberry - with slithers of strawberry. YUM!

Banana Toffee - Banana cake with caramel icing

Milk chocolate - Belgian milk chocolate cake with icing and flakes of chocolate

Lemon Squeeze- zesty lemon cake and frosting

These cupcakes might not have the fancy designs, but out of all the cupcake stores I've tasted, these are the freshest and nicest tasting, I really enjoy the flavours that they've come up with too.


mademoiselle délicieuse said...

I'm interested in finding out how thick that icing is...*faint*

Anonymous said...

Those cupcakes are super cute! I so bet they are delicious too! hhhm, yummy! lol


juznie said...

Those cupcakes are so cute! Don't you love it when you see Vanilla bean flecks?

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

I like their decoration ! Look so elegant !

missklicious said...

md - It's not actually that thick compared to some other cupcake icings which are heaped on. It does look like it's heaped on in some of the pics, but it's actually more cupcake in there than icing!

shineyglam - The decorations are really simple and cute, and they were delicious

juznie - Yes, nothing beats real vanilla flavour!

BSC - I know! I would love to pay the actually cupcakery in Surry Hills a visit, as it looks really nice, and they have boxes of mini cupcakes (looking on their website)