Sunday, 22 August 2010

Winter weekend warmers

It was a chilly 5 degrees and very windy when I landed in Canberra on Friday night. I know it doesn't sound extremely cold, but flying in from Sydney when it was 20+ degrees the day before, it was hard to battle the icy chill in the air.

Nothing isn't fixed with a good sleep in and yummy breakfast though.

Specials board at Beess and Co

My breakfast - potato rosti with prosciutto, poached eggs, chilli jam and a side of chorizo

Roasting things in the oven also warms up the house a bit, not to mention smells fantastic:

I have a thing for roast vegetables lately, so easy to make and is a healthy and filling dinner - sweet baby carrots and parsnips - I had a few burnt bits on the parsnips (cooking newbie here!) I need to google some tips/cooking times

Lovely white zucchini - zucchini is up there as my favourite vegetable

Number one fave has to be the trusty potato - sooo good!

I sound like such a nana, but it's way too freezing to go out anywhere at night.  I ate my lovely dinner, watched the Election saga unfold on Saturday, and snuggled into my very tempting warm bed with a magazine.


Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

I was in Canberra not so long ago, and yes, the cold weather definitely has you craving comfort food!

missklicious said...

Helen - I love comfort food so I guess it's a great excuse to indulge! hehe Not that I ever need one