Saturday, 25 September 2010

Beauty haul - Japanese cosmetics

I went a tiny bit crazy at a local department store cosmetics section in Hong Kong, since they were having a sale on quite a few things, and the amazing exchange rate meant that most of the products were 1/2 or 1/3 of the price they are here!

My haul from Citistore - a department store with a bit of everything, though I basically hovered around the cosmetics section for a good hour, and ignored everything else

Moist Labo BB cream - thought I'd pick up some Blemish Balm since I've read SO many rave reviews, and it definitely doesn't disappoint. It instantly covers up any redness and makes my skin so even and bright.  The only thing is though - don't wear it if you plan on taking photos, as you end up ghostly white, possibly due to the SPF? I learnt the hard way!

Pore primer - this was on sale, and I thought the packaging was hilarious, strawberry for a nose! It works OK for a primer, though it's a bit watery for my liking

Dramatic long mascara - I've tried this out once, and it's pretty good, it has fibres for lengthening, thought you need quite a few coats for volume

Eyeliner - haven't tried this one out, but Japanese eyeliners tend to be quite good, and as I said, everything was really cheap so I was willing to take a risk!

Eyebrow pencil

Hair rollers - these look good as they don't have that horrible velcro that sticks to everything, will report back later when I try them out

Cute purple nail polish trio - you are meant to layer the colours, and they even have a diagram at the back teaching you how to do it


FP said...

It is already good photographs.

With best wishes
Jonas RamoŇ°ka

May @ Rad said...

great haul! I tend to go crazy when I go to shops like these. teehee x)

Anonymous said...

Wow i love everything you got there! Everytime i see something like this post, i wanna run to the closest mall to shop! lol =)

Lily said...

awww i regret not goingcrazy on asian cosmetics when i was in HK :( please review these products!!!

missklicious said...

FP - Thanks

May - I know, it's so hard not to go a bit crazy! Especially when the prices are like 1/2 of the ones in Aus

shineyglam - Hahaha, I know what you mean, everytime I see a post about a new product, I end up wanting it

Lily - Aww, you should have! They have such a great range of Japanese stuff in the department stores over there. Will post reviews soon =)

Anonymous said...

ow i love japanese cosmetics! they are so fun. i had no money when i lived there and had to buy cosmetics from the 100 yen store, eeeep! but all thoes product look great! love the cute packagings.

missklicious said...

prettyprettyyumyum - I love 100 yen stores, they have awesome beauty tidbits for great prices!