Monday, 13 September 2010

Breakfast Buffet at The Line - Shangri-La, Singapore

Day One in Singapore, and I woke up way too early (5:00am, damn you body clock!) and was ready to explore.

Beautiful flowers scattered all around, inside and outside the hotel

The lush outdoor area

There were loads of pretty flowers inside too - and so fragrant! 

It was still dark when we went downstairs to the lobby in search of some breakfast.  As part of the Singapore Airlines stopover package, we were given 50% off one of the restaurants at our hotel, which was a great deal as it was buy one, get one free for breakfast at The Line Restaurant.

Buffet map in placemat form 

Still dark outside at 7:00 am!

Refreshing juice blends - including smoothies and mango lassi

Smoked meats, salmon and cheeses

Fruits - the pineapple was especially good, so sweet!

More drinks


One of my favourite stations - waffles and pancakes

With an awesome selection of spreads - see the Nutella? It was all oozy and melted, the way Nutella should be *drools*

Some local Indian fare - various rotis and they had a few different curries too

My first plate of savouries

They also had a Chinese station with congee

Cakes and pastries on offer at the shop


A very satisfying breakfast, and a great feast to start an action packed day at Universal Studios in Sentosa, more on that to come...

The Line Restaurant
Lower Lobby, Tower Wing
Shangri-La Hotel
22 Orange Grove Road
258350 Singapore


Linda V @ Bubble and Sweet said...

Waffle station.... I'd still be there, probably slathering on that melty nutella.

missklicious said...

Linda - Hhaha! I wanted to lick the Nutella spoon