Monday, 27 September 2010

Breakfast with the Orangutans - Ah Meng Restaurant, Singapore Zoo

I was so excited to visit Singapore Zoo for the Jungle Breakfast at Singapore Zoo

I'd heard great things about the zoo and it's open concept - most of the animals can be viewed closely without anything getting in the way. Instead of wire fences blocking the views, natural barriers, such as water, are used instead.

It rained heavily during the morning though, which pretty much meant that a few things I wanted to do, didn't happen - such as feeding the animals, riding an elephant and seeing some of the shows

The breakfast is held at Ah Meng's restaurant, near the entrance of the zoo. We were pretty much the first ones there, and got an awesome seat right next to the Orangutans- It was the best table in the whole restaurant!

The open restaurant

The food was OK, I didn't eat that much as I wasn't really that hungry - basically you pay for the Orangutans, and breakfast is just the usual fare - sausages, egg, bread, hash browns, fruit, juice, cereals, asian selections etc, nothing that special!

My small selection - french toast, sausages, scrambled eggs, hash brown and fruit

They also had a cheese platter.. mmm cheese

Impatiently waiting for the Orangutans

With their keeper. See that basket? It had durian, rambutans and longans for the Orangutans, they went through heaps through the whole show and the whole floor was covered by the shells in the end.  The durian remained in the basket though (thank goodness!)

They were so cheeky! The keepers had to keep prodding them to keep in line as they were so naughty

The babies of the group were the most naughty, but it was entertaining to watch. They'd pull people's hair and hit them on the head whilst they were posing for photographs with them

One person even got a nasty surprised when the baby decided it would be a good time to pee... on them, hilarious to watch, but I'm glad it wasn't me!

Awesome kung fu move, not sure what this little guy was doing here. Hehe

One of the older Orangutans

My photo with them - unfortunately none of them were actually looking since I think their attention span was non-existent at this point

I really enjoyed the zoo (even with the rain) and the breakfast was well worth it. Be sure to book in advance though for the good seats!


mademoiselle délicieuse said...

What an up close experience, but you look a little worried in your photo with them there!

panda said...

they are so cute! but definitely cheeky! love the one doing the kung fu move :)

missklicious said...

Rita - Haha, I do! I think I was a bit worried I'd get peed on, plus it was a massive line, so it was 'quickly run in front of the camera and *snap*'

panda - So random, but cute!