Friday, 10 September 2010

Chanel white bow 5170 sunglasses & a holiday update

With the fantastic exchange rates, the shopping over here in Hong Kong has been AMAZING.

I spotted these lovely sunnies in Singapore when I was browsing the Chanel boutique at Marina Bay Sands, but didn't buy them then.  On my last day in Singapore, I was regretting not buying them, so I tried to hunt them down in the Orchard Road boutiques to no avail. They were all sold out!

Not to worry though - I found them straight away in Hong Kong! They have heaps of pretty sunglasses this season - in pretty purple shades, and some with the camelia flowers.

I have so many photos and posts to blog - will be back in Australia on Sunday the 19th! See you all then =)


panda said...

can't wait to see what you got up to on your trip! enjoy the rest of it and looking forward to when you get back :)

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Have fun! And can you please report back on the Manolo selection situation? I've heard that HK has a great range! :D

Anonymous said...

oh wow i love them too! i almost bought them when i was in america, the tortoiseshell version, but I ran out of $$$$$ !! Enjoy them! :)

missklicious said...

panda - It's been a whirlwind trip and I managed to fit quite a few things in. Can't wait to get home now though!

Lorraine - hehe HK indeed has a great range of pretty much everything! I think there's one Manolo store at Central, and one at Landmark. With the great exchange rate, I think you should be planning a shopping/eating trip ;)

prettyprettyyumyum - Aww, the tortoiseshell version are really pretty too! Too bad you ran out of $$$, but then again, I probably would too with the amazing shops in the US!