Friday, 3 September 2010

Sneak peak - Singapore trip

The Shangri-La is amazing. Tucked away on a street off Orchard Road, with beautiful lush gardens, yummy buffets and fantastic service.

Shangri-La lobby - had buffet brekkie at 'The Line' restaurant this morning, oh the selection! There was a little station where the chefs whip you up an omlette on the spot with all the trimmings. There was an Indian section, Chinese section, Japanese, Western... etc posts to come!

My legs are about to fall off from all the walking today - here's the funky Merlion at Sentosa

Posts will most likely be infrequent, but I'll do backdated posts when I have time/get home! First impressions - Singapore is a great place to explore yourself, very clean and safe, and the SHOPPING (Hello, Orchard Road!) I would have loved more time though, as I have about a million more things I'd like to do!!!


Anonymous said...

The lobby looks amazing! :)

missklicious said...

The hotel was amazing - couldn't fault it at all!