Buffet @ Coffee Shop, L'Arc Casino - Macau

Whilst we were in Macau it was my little cousin's birthday, and so a buffet dinner was in order. 

At night Macau lights up and seems like almost an entirely different place to it's daytime counterpart.


Grand Lisboa

L'Arc Macau - one of the many casinos dotted throughout Macau.

The Coffee Shop at L'Arc offers an international buffet with live stations manned by their chefs and you can either order from a a-la-carte menu, or go the full hog and have the buffet.  We opted for the buffet with a buy 4 get 1 free deal.

First stop was the Japanese station with endless fresh sashimi and sushi on display

Prawns and what appears to be different varieties of snails (?)

Japanese cold soba noodles, roast veggies and mussels - a bit of a random mix! I like to wander and add things to my plate from different stations

I wandered past the desserts and looked wistfully, wanting to hurry myself up so I could move onto the sweets =D

Cold meats selection

A bit of everything - abalone rice, cold meats such as prosciutto, roast beef and some kind of smoked fish, and various salads

Back to desserts!!! Weeee 

Luckily I got in early because they started running out of some of the items quite early on which was disappointing - I took some to save for later.

Roast beef and Japanese cod fish dish which was cooked to order

A bit more of everything

Round 1 of desserts

Clockwise starting from top right - mango tart, strawberry mousse cake, mango jelly, raspberry mousse cake and chestnut mousse

Round 2 of desserts

They also had a selection of ice creams - this one is Strawberry, and they also had Taro, Chocolate, Vanilla and Raspberry Ripple

Chocolate fountain!

Custard and mango + pomelo sago

Overall pretty good except for the desserts shortage. There were quite a lot of people though on a weeknight, and it got quite crowded by the time we were half way through, which meant lining up and being elbowed for food.

Level 4 L'Arc Macau
Opening Hours: 7:00a.m. - 11:00p.m. For Reservations: (853) 8860 6141 


panda said…
i think this buffet is the one that everyone goes to when they go to macau; i was also directed here on my last visit. probably not as busy at lunchtime though.
missklicious said…
Oh wow! I didn't realise it was that popular. I had one at Four Seasons last time and probably preferred that one - maybe because it was less busy!
mashi said…
Looks delish, will keep this in mind when I'm next in HK