Wednesday, 13 October 2010

cookedDeli @ City Super & Agnes B Cafe - Harbour City, Hong Kong

One thing I love about Hong Kong, is that you can find cheap and tasty food anywhere you go. Food courts included. 

City Super is a speciality store that sells a variety of things - food among those things in their cookedDeli food court section with heaps of choices such as Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese & the famous Hong Kong chain, Honeymoon Desserts.

Lunch was bought from the Vietnamese stall

They had barely opened and we were the first customers in the whole place *super keen*

City Super - they also have an amazing 'Food Market' grocery store, selling international groceries, book shop, cosmetics and so on...

Pork and vermicelli salad - the pork was so tender, and the salad nice and refreshing

The cutest selections of breads

After a quick browse in the shops (we had a flight to catch that night!) we stopped by Agnes B for a coffee and some cake.

A small coffee shop plopped in the middle of a couple of shops in Harbour City

Tempting selection of cakes

So hard to decide!


Iced chocolate - I was expecting this to come in a glass, not a takeaway cup, so I was a tad disappointed, though it was still tasty, very chocolatey!

Jasmine mousse cake - such a pretty cake! The centre had a dollop of shimmery jasmine flavoured gel, though the actual cake wasn't very strong in flavour

I love Harbour City - had to rush around a bit to be able to check out the rest of the shops I wanted to see, before dashing off to herd up all the luggage and fly back to Sydney!

I haven't done my holiday posts in any order so I still have more to come on Macau, Hong Kong, Hangzhou, Suzhou and Shanghai!


Linda V @ Bubble and Sweet said...

I want those turtle breads and the jasmine mouse cake so bad. I love cute food.

thesydneygirl said...

i want to go there!!! x

missklicious said...

Linda - The turtle breads were so cute! I so wanted to get one but I was stuffed!

thesydneygirl - A great place to visit shopping and dining wise!