Moist Labo BB Essence Cream Review

I've heard great things about BB cream, it seems to be quite popular in Japanese cosmetics these days so I bought one to try out.

Moist Labo BB cream in Natural Ocre with SPF 40

Goes on quite smooth and hides blemishes and redness quite well

I often have a lot of redness, especially around my nose, so it's great to have something to cover that up

With only the BB cream on - I tend to only put it on the spots that need it though, to avoid having a mask like effect

I notice a big difference when my skin is especially dull looking.  I'm not sure how it compares to the other BB creams on the market as this is the first one I've tried, but it seems to work well and was really cheap too! (around $10 AUD)

Also picked up a few other things, which I really like too:

Eyebrow pencil


The eyeliner is quite good as you can easily do a thin or thick line (on the left) and the eyebrow pencil swatched on the right

Love the bargain Japanese cosmetics as they are cheap and work a treat too! The only downside is that they don't have testers, so you just have to buy them and try it out (and suck it up if they are crap!)


Anonymous said…
Hi there, where did you buy the BB cream? It sounds great!
missklicious said…
I bought this in Hong Kong, though depending where you are, you can find it in Japanese cosmetic shops
mashi said…
shame the BB cream is from HK, I was hoping to try some =)
missklicious said…
Hi mashi,

It should be available to purchase in Aus too - in some of the Japanese cosmetics stores like AKA, you should have a look!