Thursday, 28 October 2010

Takeru (2) - Sussex St, Sydney

Takeru is always a top choice for Japanese comfort food - think Japanese pizzas and pastas.

A planned afternoon high tea session was scrapped last minute, as I was starving, and needed food instantly.  I also happened to walk past Takeru, and that sealed the deal.

This never fails to make me smile, as it is so me!

Green tea latte & ice coffee, both with generous scoops of ice cream

Potato salad - refreshing salad holding a heart dollop of alarmingly pink mashed potato

Takoyaki pizza - so strange, yet tasty!

Chicken karaage ramen

My half dish - omurice, delicious fried rice wrapped in a omelette and mince sauce - pretty big for a half dish!

1/2 serve Salmon cream spaghetti

Tonkatsu curry - 1/2 serve

Seafood Doria - so creamy & filling!

Shop 10, 339 Sussex St
Sydney NSW 2000


hiven said...

these are lovely!

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

Really like Takeru, esp for their 1/2 dishes. Usually go to the Chatswood one just because it's closer but the food looks almost identical.

Charlie said...

looks so good!

chocolatesuze said...

half serves sounds perfect! hehe i get full so fast

missklicious said...

Half serves are the shiz! I get full fast too =P