Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Charlie & Co - Westfield Sydney

The most exciting part of the new Westfield for me is the food court at the moment (well until Zara opens up anyway!)

It's an early dinner on a Friday night and I'm surprised that the place isn't as packed as my previously visits where the food court queues seemed to be never ending.

I quickly snapped up a table at Charlie & Co as I had a quick look and there were no lines & seats free to dine in. Miracle! It didn't last long though, and there was soon a massive line for takeaway and people milling about for a table in the tiny dine in section.

Charlie & Co menu

Stolen Recipe Mango & Passionfruit iced tea - a refreshing Chamomile tea blend

Wagyu beef burger

Yummy herbed fries with aioli - more of that delicious aioli people, I was rationing the sauce for my chips and then sadly ran out :(

Chilli crab burger - I decided to try this one cos it sounded interesting and I didn't feel like a beef burger that day, it was good!