Wednesday, 17 November 2010

China Trip - Suzhou Gardens

Suzhou, next to Taihu Lake in the Jiangsu province is famous it's bridges, pagodas, and especially for it's gardens - so much so that the Suzhou classical gardens have been added to UNESCO's World Heritage Sites in 1997 and 2000.

Day 2 in China and after landing in Nanjing and a night in Wuxi, it was off to Suzhou to check out of the gardens:

Anyway, it's been quite a stressful day I think I need to channel the tranquil Suzhou Gardens and just take a quiet moment to sort out things.


juznie said...

Lovely photos, looking at them made me feel calmer too.

Trees said...

Simply beautiful and calming.

Kat said...

looks very serene.. have a nice trip!


missklicious said...

juznie - It was a whole different China experience for me, definitely changed my view of it!

Trees- Definitely very calming! I could just imagine whiling a day away reading a book in one of the gardens.

Kat - Oh, I've already been back for a while, unfortunately :( these are just backposts!