Saturday, 20 November 2010

Dumplings in Shanghai

We were recommended this great dumpling restaurant off Nanjing Road one night so we made the trek on there just in time to escape a burst of night time rain.

I don't actually recall the name of this restaurant even though they did have an english name.  It was in a little alleyway off Nanjing Road.

Wet napkins that they place on your table, but aren't complimentary! You actually get charged for the ones you use, and they add this to the bill at the end, taking back the ones you don't use (we learnt the hard way...) I thought this was quite sneaky!

Crab meat dumpling - a massive dumpling sitting in some soupy goodness

Radish pastries

Xiao long bao

Dumplings in soup

Dessert pastries

I loved that most of the things we ordered were small dishes - that way you can have a little bit of everything (a la tapas or yum cha)

Exploring busy Nanjing Road


Trees said...

It all looks so great! Shanghai is an incredible city.

missklicious said...

Trees - I'd have to agree with you on that one!