Saturday, 4 December 2010

Adore Tea - Federation Square, Canberra

Adore Tea is a lovely tea retail store and tea house nestled away in the Gold Creek village - I've heard about it for ages, but never made the trip out to try it, but I'm really glad I did this weekend- and the rain held out during the day!

Fantastic cosy tea shop selling over 250 types of teas, and an array of the cutest teapots and accessories

How adorable is this collection of Little Red Riding hood teapots and cups? I ended up buying something from this collection - but I wanted one of everything!

This menu was their tea menu - with descriptions of all the teas they have on offer

Desserts menu - I only had eyes for the dutch pancakes this time though but I'll definitely be back to try some of the others as they looked fantastic whizzing past my table on the way to the other tables

All sorts of yummy sounding desserts - and delicious sounding ice teas and cocktails

The mango cocktail has my name written all over it when the warmer weather comes around...

We chose the rosebud tea and the macadamia tea - the staff were very friendly and helpful, taking their time to explain about the teas

My rosebud tea was very fragrant and lovely, whilst the macadamia was very creamy and delicious.

And of course, the star of the show - dutch pancakes with maple syrup and ice cream

After the tea session, I couldn't leave without buying some teas to take home.  They have these convenient little 2 cup sampler packs which I think is a brilliant idea as I like to try a bit of everything!

I love these tea for two seas, sooo adorable!

Federation Square
1 O'Hanlon Place
Nicholls ACT 2913


mademoiselle délicieuse said...

The Little Red Riding Hood tea accessories are absolutely adorable! Love the look of the Dutch pancakes too, which are more spherical than the disc-shaped ones I'm used to seeing.

missklicious said...

I loved everything in the Red Riding Hood collection! It was hard to choose, so I went with the practical option.

The dutch pancakes were like takoyaki shaped - the first I've come across actually!