Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Au Lac Vegetarian Restaurant - Dickson, Canberra

Every now and then I'll feel like something vegetarian as I'm not usually a huge meat eater.

Au Lac is probably the only Vietnamese vego restaurant I can think of in Canberra.  There used to be a nice one in Tuggeranong, but that's since closed down unfortunately.

Sam Bo Leung drink

Vietnamese iced coffee - sadly looking half full (half empty?) but it did the job of waking me up for the weekend!

Soy chicken satay skewers

'Prawn' toast - this was a bit doughy for my liking, and the sauce was so strange, almost radioactive! I was game enough to dip it into the sauce, and it was really strange tasting, nothing like sweet and sour sauce. I don't wanna know...

Soy chicken pho - can't go wrong with noodles, and after 2 average/not so good entrees, I don't think I'll be hurrying back anytime soon!

Au Lac
Shop 4
Woolly Street
Dickson ACT 2602
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Anonymous said...

Go for the mains not the ordinary entrees