Monday, 13 December 2010

Breakfast ritual @ Beess & Co

It's always a given every time I'm in Canberra that there will be at least one trip made to Beess and Co for breakfast.  The staff are super friendly and it's a nice little spot to spend a morning.

Hot chocolate with my 2 drowning marshmallows... Mmmm

They are really great for people who share as they'll separate most dishes into 2 smaller servings if you order one to share

This one is a half serving of fresh toast with caramelised banana and marscarpone

The ricotta hotcake version of the french toast I ate - love their ricotta hotcakes, so fluffy!


Ham & cheese omelette (another half serve!)

Orange and ricotta crepes with raisins


Charlie, Feminine Bravery said...

looks really delicious! I love hot chocolates with marshmallows, too! ^^

xxx Charlie
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Trisha said...

I too am a Canberran at heart! And my favourite eats there? Sammy's, hands down!

missklicious said...

Charlie - It's such a treat to get marshmallows with a hot choccie!

Trisha - Yeah, Sammy's is always good! And very packed most of the time.