Thursday, 2 December 2010

Exploring Hangzhou - The Romance of the Song Dynasty Show

One stop on my Hangzhou trip was to see this show 'The Romance of the Song Dynasty' - very touristy but it was a good show nonetheless. 

Out the front with the hoards of people waiting to get a ticket first

Once we got in, there was time to have a look around before the show started.  The whole place is setup like a little olden day village with loads of stalls selling trinkets and more importantly food! ;)

They also had street performers and people dressed up in traditional costumes 

One of the performances - I think this one was a love story with the suitor trying to woo the girl standing on the balcony from what I could gather (which wasn't very much at all!)

Mr Sword twirler 

And of course the food stalls:

Yummy sweets on display, one of each thanks!

I actually did pretty much end up getting one of each.  The porcupine had red bean billing, the pumpkin had lotus paste and I also had a little black sticky rice pudding. Nom nom nom.

After walking around for bit and stuffing myself with all those little treats, it was time to go in and watch the show.  Warning, my next China post will be very photo heavy!

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