Friday, 31 December 2010

Tony Bianco Callis & New Years Eve!

These are the most comfiest heels ever. Wore them out tonight and they were fantastic to walk in the whole night, even after a few too many drinks.

Tony Bianco Calli heels


What I wore - Forever floral silk playsuit that I bought from Melbourne, terrible picture but it's so pretty IRL with a bow waist band

Face for the night - I went for a little bit of fun with Stila Kitten in the corners and MAC My Dark Magic as an eyeshadow

Hope you all had a lovely New Years Eve! Bring on 2011!


mademoiselle délicieuse said...

Happy New Year! I'm looking forward to more pretty things with bows and butterflies appearing here in 2011 =)

Lily said...

happy new year! :) I love your top!
I'm going to canberra tomorrow (I just got told!) so i've been browsing your blog for inspiration and places to go :) suggestions?

Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

Happy New Year! I was amazed by the huge number of stiletto heels I spied on NYE - and all the smart ones had packed a pair of flip flops in their handbags. lol.

missklicious said...

Rita - Awww, thanks! That's so sweet. Happy New Year - all the best for 2011!

Lily- Thanks =) Ooh, a last minute Canberra trip?

What sort of suggestions were you after? Food, shops, sightseeing? Is it just a day trip?

Helen - It's definitely a smart idea to pack alternative footwear for the end of the night. I saw so many girls barefoot at the end of the night (eeeek broken glass!)

Maria said...

Happy New Year! :-)

panda said...

happy new year! love your playsuit!

missklicious said...

Maria - Happy New Year to you too =D

panda - Thank you! I love the floral print, and loving playsuits in general this summer!