Saturday, 1 January 2011

2011 - A Happy New Year!

Honestly, 2010 has just felt like a blur to me.  It's gone past so fast, it's almost scary and I felt like I haven't achieved much at all - just basically trying to stay afloat with the everyday tasks - go to work, eat, sleep etc

I actually don't even remember most of the New Year's resolutions I've made last year so I had to dig up my old blog post - here

The most major thing in 2010 was my move to Sydney to start a new job.  My job has been great - everyone is fantastic and so friendly, I'm in a really close knit team - it's wonderful... but I do want more and it's mainly just a stepping stone. Sydney is great, so much to do, but I do feel homesick.

I think the biggest thing I've learnt this year is that I shouldn't just settle for OK or second best, and I need to get out there, be independent, and achieve everything I want to. It sounds terrible but I felt like I've mostly wasted 2010. No more just staying afloat, and barely existing this year, bring on 2011! A pretty vague resolution if it is one, but I'm hoping I'll look back on this post and feel like I've achieved something.

So what did I actually stick to out of all my 2010 resolutions?

1) Blog everyday this year - I did this, but I actually missed out on a few days during my overseas trip.  I was mostly dedicated and enthusiastic about doing this, but sometimes it did feel like a drag when I didn't have anything particularly interesting to blog about, or just didn't feel like it.  I'll most likely try and keep it up though (I've been blogging so often that it would feel not to!) but no guarantees :P

2) Exercise more - Basically a major fail.  I stopped going to the gym when I moved up to Sydney and have barely done any exercise at all

3) Make up buying ban - Errrm, honestly I forgot about this resolution, and it's quite obvious from all the make up hauls I've posted about. D'oh! I've really got way too much now though, so yes, I will *try* and stick to this one this year

4) Save more - Well, I don't think I've completely failed this one.  I've been putting away money every now and then, considering I went overseas and made quite a few purchases, and even exchanged money for my next overseas trip - I could do better though!

5) Go overseas at least once this year (somewhere I haven't been before) - Tick. Singapore and Shanghai.

6) Go away on a few weekends away/road trips or interstate journeys - Tick. Went to the Hunter Valley in April and Melbourne in December.  This year I would love to make trips to the south coast though!

7) Learn a new language - This didn't happen - My excuses are pretty thin - too tired from work etc but basically just lazy

8) Try a different new restaurant every week. Make use of my neglected Entertainment Book - Well, I don't think I quite achieved this one either.  I started out OK, but some weekends I just felt like vegging out and eating KFC, especially in the colder months.  I did try some amazing new restaurants though!

9) Look after myself more. All the healthy stuff - drink 2 litres of water a day, stick to a proper skincare routine etc - I think I've done this pretty well, I drink heaps of tea, try and eat healthy (ironic after I just mentioned KFC!) but generally I've been good.

10) Avoid the crowds and go away or do something special for the next New Year's Eve! - This year I spent the first time since 2004 NYE in Canberra.  It was a fun night spent with my old bestie from College, so technically I did manage to stay away from the crowds (kind of!)

So I guess I didn't fare too bad - I did have a fine print warning that NYE resolutions are made to be broken!)

How did you guys fare with your resolutions?

PS. I found my diary from 10 years ago - so cringeworthy but funny reading back on it now.


mademoiselle délicieuse said...

Happy New Year to you! And haha, I don't even have any diaries lying around that are older than maybe 3 years...

missklicious said...

Rita - Let's just say I should probably burn this diary. It's THAT embarrassing! My only excuse is that I was 13 years old...