Sunday, 2 January 2011

Chocolate Indulgence High Tea - Aria Bar & Lounge, The Langham Hotel, Melbourne

First stop in Melbourne was to the luxurious Langham Hotel for a spot of high tea. 

Making our way up to the Aria Bar & Lounge where the high tea is held

Luxe Christmas decorations

They had a special Christmas high tea just before Christmas (we just missed out) but they still had all the Christmas decorations!

The waitstaff was super friendly and explained the menu since it was our first time, plus gave us plenty of time to decide on which high tea and drinks to get

Of course I couldn't go pasr the Chocolate Indulgence, which included a passionfruit souffle with decadant chocolate sauce on the side

As always... my eyes are drawn to the sweet selection straight away... and it doesn't disappoint!

Scones - fluffy and still warm with a generous serving of butter, jam and cream (hate places that give the smallest servings ever!) they had 2 plain and 2 raisin ones, not too big, just the way I like them.

Sandwich selection - delicious selections which also get re-filled when you run out! Fantastic for when you are craving something savoury to balance out the sweets plate.

Unlimted choice of hot drinks <3

The aforementioned souffle

This has probably been one of my favourite high teas to date, mainly because of the fantastic service, sandwich refills, and unlimited drinks.  Definitely a place to check out for high tea!

Aria Bar & Lounge
Langham Hotel
1 Southgate Avenue
Southbank VIC 3006


Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

This looks like quite a generous high tea. It's so great that they replenish your sandwiches too!

Spencer @ Moo-Lolly-Bar said...

Looks delicious! With all those fantastic looking chocolatey things I wouldn't know where to start!

missklicious said...

Helen - It's actually the first high tea I've had where they've replenished the sandwiches. It's great to have an endless supply of sandwiches to mellow out the sweets

Spencer - I know! It's a great chocolate high tea, but not too OTT chocolate either, the sauce that came with the souffle was so decadent!