Lunch @ Axis Restaurant - National Museum of Australia, Canberra

So today was an impromptu trip to Canberra after a last minute suggestion from a friend that I join them for the drive down - it was the 3rd weekend in a row I've been in Canberra, seems like I haven't been able to stay away! hehe

Anyway, it was another beautiful day, so off to Axis Restaurant it was for a lovely lunch.  I initially wanted to go for breakfast (they do breakfast on Sundays and public holidays) but they were fully booked out.  So remember to book early to avoid disappointment!

The weather was so nice and hot that they didn't open the outdoor area as people would swelter under the heat, we got a really nice window seat though :)

Complimentary bread and olive oil/dukkah and balsamic vinegar dips (am I the only one that secretly dreams of a fat wad of creamy butter?)

Gorgeous little birds invaded the outdoor area, and you can't see it in this pic, but there was this tiny little one with the most adorable blue face! Not sure what kind of bird it was...

Roast duck breast & leg confit, chorizo and cannellini bean ragout

Special fish of the day - Ocean Trout with a salad of sweet potato

And the very summery dessert - Lavender pannacotta with summer berries

A simple but pretty dessert

Complimentary sweets with coffee - these were very caramel-ly!

National Museum of Australia
Lawson Crescent
Acton Peninsula, Canberra


The lavender panna cotta looks lovely. Such a pretty flower garnish.
I love impromptu trips as they are always so exciting! Looks like your spontaneity really paid off :)
missklicious said…
Helen - The flower turns it into such a pretty spring/summer dessert!

Lorraine - I know, it's always those sort of trips that turn out the best!