Thursday, 24 February 2011

Sushi Hotaru - The Galeries Victoria, Sydney

So on a regular trip to the bookstore Kinokuniya, I noticed that the old Made in Japan space had been filled, by a sushi train place and made a decision on the spot to try it out.

I'm always wary of trying out new sushi trains, as I'm in love with Makoto and will always compare it!

I stick with the safe looking choices - this one is tuna and corn and is quite nice

Grilled salmon - only OK, I prefer Makoto's version, but Sushi Hotaru were having a all sushi plates $3 opening special, so that was pretty awesome

They also had a range of drinks - this one is called Pink Lady, it wasn't as nice as I expected, but I'm keen to try the other drinks next time, can't remember what was in this one! 

Potato mentai salad - this was great, creamy potato salad atop really fresh salad, I loved this!

These are their side dish plates - the non-sushi dishes, which is such a great idea, almost like a japanese tapas - these were all $3 too

Wagyu beef

Chicken namban sushi

Chicken karaage

Sushi Hotaru
The Galeries Victoria
500 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000

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Monday, 21 February 2011

Weekend shopping - Temt Sale and Peter Alexander

So since I'm staying at a place with floorboards now, I had to invest in some slippers of some kind, even though I'm a barefoot kind of person and I'm used to carpets - it's taken some time to get used to it!

I picked up these cute embellished heart slippers from Peter Alexander <3

And although I didn't plan on going shopping, I couldn't resist having a look at Temt since they had a 'Nothing under $9.95 sale' without any fine print! It was a fantastic sale, despite there being a massive line, only one register was being used, and they ran out of change.

Leopard print maxi - $10, I think this is actually a skirt, but I'm short, so maxi it is! I bought it just for bumming around the house in.

A few of the items I'd actually previously seen before, and thought they were quite nice, so it was a bonus to get them at a fraction of the price! This top was $6.95

Another $6.95 - Another one to wear around the house/use as sleepwear

White lace dress - this was one of the dresses that I liked before but they didn't have my size, picked it up for $10!






I was quite happy with my haul.  I picked up a few other black tops too, for $4.95 each as well, so I left with a massive bag of clothes for around $70! 

Since my workplace is casual, I now have a whole heap of new clothes for work. Score!!

Thursday, 17 February 2011


Judging by the number of twindling fashion related posts this year, I'm sure you can deduce that I haven't been going crazy with the shopping as much.  That all sort of went down the drain though when I visited Princess Polly at the Westfield Sydney basement. They have so much cute stuff, it's hard to resist!

I picked up these gorgeous high waisted shorts, and also a pair of simple black pants that I've wanted to find for ages.

They have SO much nice stuff on the website that I want!

Some of it on sale too, so very affordable! I'm going to be responsible and sleep on it though....

Wednesday, 16 February 2011


I finally got Usher tickets (thank goodness they released more dates) I'm so excited!! I'm going on Tuesday the 28th of March, so no Trey Songz, but good seats. Woohoo!

Anyone else going?

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Pistachio Dining - Torrens, Canberra

When it comes to affordable fine dining, Pistachio Dining tops my list of the best places in Canberra.

Apologies for the pictures as it is quite dark in the restaurant (pretty much the only light is a tiny candle on your table which is very romantic and all, but not good for pictures!)

I really wanted the trio of entrees which includes one taste of each of the entrees on offer (except for the vego option) but one of them was rabbit and quail tart, and I don't think I'm that keen on trying rabbit! So we just stuck with mains:

Crispy skin barramundi with saffron gnocchi, spring bay mussels and leek and mushroom emulsion

Loin of pork with braised cheek, pressed belly, potato and truffle terrine and braising juices. This was my dish, and it was SO good. I was tossing up between the beef dish and this, because the pork didn't sound that great but boy, it was good!

And always the highlight of dining at Pistachio Dining is the dessert platter with a mini version of everything on the dessert menu.  I pretty saw everyone at every other table order this too for dessert:

L-R - Chocolate - Chocolate gateaux with pear, raspberry sorbet and white chocolate

Custard - Baked egg custard with sweet pastry, madeline biscuit and condensed milk and malt ice cream (yummm! I wouldn't have minded the larger version of this at all)

Parfait - Blackberry parfait with tapioca, brandy snap and cassis poached strawberries

Passionfruit - Lemon shortbread with vanilla cream cheese, passionfruit chiboust, and passionfruit jellies

3A Torrens Place
Torrens ACT 2607
Ph: (02) 6286 2966

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