Monday, 14 February 2011

I've been MIA

I've pretty much been missing in action from the blogging word for the last couple of weeks it feels like.  Partly because not much interesting has been going on that is blog worthy, and partly because a few other things have been going on.

Just thought I'd update you all and let you know what's been happening!

  • I've moved houses since last week, since I had a few issues at the other place, have pretty much settled in and it is SO much better. I didn't realise I'd accumulated so much useless stuff until I had to move.  I still need a few more house-y things though.  I have plenty of junk, but not actually any of the things I really need!
  • I've been homesick.  I feel so whiny talking about this all the time, and I really just need to get over it. I don't think I'm actually ready to make the move home yet, but I did apply for one job that sounded too good not to.  
  • A very new relationship that pretty much came as a surprise.  LDR - still figuring it out. Yikes...
  • Need to get my mind off things - am really keen to start learning French, or Fashion Design (just as a hobby!)
  • Sorry if this post is really pessimistic, but I had to vent! (even though it feels like I'm just talking to myself) I feel a zillion times better now *phew*
I'm sure all I need is ice-cream and cake to feel better =D


Joanne said...

Hello, new reader here. I hope you feel better soon and that 2011 only brings you the best! :)

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

Yes, cake! And at Azuma Patisserie too =D

missklicious said...

Joanne - Thanks for dropping past and commenting! =) Yes, I'm positive that 2011 will be a good year, I just had to get that out of my system lol and I feel better today already!

Rita - Only a professional could tell straight away! =P