Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Minkpink sale haul

So I mentioned on Twitter last week that I emerged from the recent Minkpink warehouse sale all sweaty and hot, but with a big bag of clothes.  I'm so glad it wasn't this week, because I would have died in the heat.  I can't believe how hot it was today! On the way home from work, the wind was so hot, it was burning my face.  It didn't help that every single train I caught today had no aircon either :(

Anyway, I digress. Here's what I bought...

Denim shorts

Hopefully I won't end up in the Vogue fashion grrs thread! But these are perfect for the hot weather lately

They had tubs of swimwear too, $15 a piece, but it was SO hard rummaging through it all trying to find matching tops and bottoms

Black ruffled bottoms - black is the easiest to match, I figured I could match them with existing black bikinis. WIN!

I found a set... yay me!

Minkpink top 

All the basics were $10 - pretty good bargains to be had

Black bikini top I managed to find...

So it was good for stocking up on basics, but there was literally nowhere to try clothes on, I just had to plonk down my stuff in front of a mirror and chuck everything on over the top of my clothes. I was so hot and flustered by the end of it! haha


Jade said...

I LOVE minkpink! So jealous you got to go to that sale. I saw the email and wanted to fly to Sydney haha. Those bikini's are super cute :-D


retrodaze said...

That bikini set is pretty! I didn't know Mink Pink made swimwear

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Loving stripes at the moment so that striped top and first shorts are cute! :)

Viv said...

love minkpink, they have awesome clothes


missklicious said...

Jade - It was a pretty good sale, though I didn't see much Minkpink stock that I've had my eye on in the stores.

retrodaze - I didn't know either, until this sale!

Lorraine - The 'nautical' stripes is perfect for Summer :)

Viv - Agreed!

Anonymous said...

Mink Pink sale????? Sweet. Their stuff is so cute and afforable :)