Friday, 4 February 2011

Mr Shabu Shabu - New Acton, Canberra

I've been meaning to try out this Japanese place in New Acton for a while, but every time I've gone past, it's been closed.  Well, I finally managed to get there on a Thursday night (which was sure to be open then!) 

Simple menu with mainly ramen, udon, sashimi and shabu shabu items

Beef shabu shabu set - with a cute little pot on a stove with vegetables and tofu, the beef slices and also side dishes of seaweed salad and spring rolls

Vegetable spring rolls with the shabu shabu set

Curry tonkatsu pork with udon

Overall it's great value and quite substantial, given the price. Canberra needs more Japanese places, so this is a great addition! 
Mr Shabu Shabu on Urbanspoon

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