Monday, 21 February 2011

Weekend shopping - Temt Sale and Peter Alexander

So since I'm staying at a place with floorboards now, I had to invest in some slippers of some kind, even though I'm a barefoot kind of person and I'm used to carpets - it's taken some time to get used to it!

I picked up these cute embellished heart slippers from Peter Alexander <3

And although I didn't plan on going shopping, I couldn't resist having a look at Temt since they had a 'Nothing under $9.95 sale' without any fine print! It was a fantastic sale, despite there being a massive line, only one register was being used, and they ran out of change.

Leopard print maxi - $10, I think this is actually a skirt, but I'm short, so maxi it is! I bought it just for bumming around the house in.

A few of the items I'd actually previously seen before, and thought they were quite nice, so it was a bonus to get them at a fraction of the price! This top was $6.95

Another $6.95 - Another one to wear around the house/use as sleepwear

White lace dress - this was one of the dresses that I liked before but they didn't have my size, picked it up for $10!






I was quite happy with my haul.  I picked up a few other black tops too, for $4.95 each as well, so I left with a massive bag of clothes for around $70! 

Since my workplace is casual, I now have a whole heap of new clothes for work. Score!!


mashi said...

Awesome haul! Love the white lace dress and the black dress in the last picture

missklicious said...

Thanks :)

There were so many bargains!

Jaztee said...

Really cute bargain purchases!

Sushi said...

Oh what nice purchases! I haven't been into Temt in ages but this is making me want to check out one of their stores. LOVE the Peter Alexander slippers x Sushi

missklicious said...

Jaztee - Thanks! It's always great to find some bargains.

Sushi - Yeah, I know what you mean! I usually don't look twice at Temt, but they actually have some decent things in there when they have a sale like this!