Afternoon Tea Buffet @ Sheraton on the Park - Sydney

I quite enjoyed the contemporary high tea stand at the Sheraton last year, and was very tempted when they started bringing out the food for the afternoon buffet.

Well, I finally got around to trying it! My mum came up to Sydney last week, so it was a good excuse as any for some afternoon tea. I like the fact that the Sheraton is open pretty much all day, and there's no need for a booking - just pop in anytime for lunch, cup of tea or one of their high tea options.

Afternoon tea buffet - a nice selection of bite sized sandwiches, wraps, desserts and fruit

My first plate - some kind of vegetarian wrap, with lettuce and chargrilled veggies such as capsicum, baguette with ham, cheese and capsicum - they had quite a selection of different fillings with the sandwiches and wraps

I enjoyed the cone - it was filled with salmon and cream cheese. Yum!

The high tea buffet comes with one drink of choice - I needed a coffee fix so I got a latte which came with a pretty heart <3

Onto the sweets! Creme brulee, pisatchio mousse cake, and mango jelly. I had plenty of fruit in between too - made it seem more healthy!

Strawberry mousse cake and raspberry yoghurt cake which was very good!

Starting to get full at this stage but pressing on... The scones were not that good. Maybe they had been sitting out for a while.

Overall it was a nice afternoon tea, and it's a great place to laze away a Sunday afternoon :)

Sheraton on the Park
161 Elizabeth Street
Sydney NSW 2000


Jaztee said…
Looks delicious! If ever I'm in Sydney I'm making a note to stop by there.
Thanks for sharing this yummy blog, It's really very nice.
Corrina said…
That looks so delicious, especially the desserts, wow!
missklicious said…
Jaztee - It's worthwhile, especially you can spend a whole afternoon there! They are open til 7pm :)

We just spent the whole afternoon slowly enjoying the coffees and buffet whilst reading the Sunday paper

Sydney Hotel Discounts - Thank you so much :)

Corrina - The desserts were delicious, and mini sized too, which I like as it means you can fit more in! hehe
oh yum! This post makes me think I should treat my mum to something similar one of these days.