Wednesday, 30 March 2011


This post isn't as sad as it seems.

I went to the Usher concert last night (last show for Sydney) and he was awesome! I had sooooo much fun.

I had the DJ Fallin' in Love VIP tickets which included the sound check and pre-show drinks and canapes. I had too many champagnes and pretty much sang my lungs out. Hahaha

It was just what I needed!

Plus no hangover today either. Bonus!


Charlie, Feminine Bravery said...

Glad to hear you had a blast! xxx


I was there too! How amazing was he? :)

You were so lucky you got the VIP tix!

Little Polka Dotted Dress said...

I wish i was there, i LOVE usher, i remember when my parent s bought his first casette tape :D


awesome post!=P
it´s really nice

follow u now =D

mashi said...

So lucky, and with VIP too! My friend and I only managed to get the Melb tix.

missklicious said...

Charlie - Thanks hun! x

XOVINTAGELOVE - Yes, he was fantastic!! I loved and sang along to pretty much every minute of it. Haha

I wish he sang U got it bad though!

The best thing about the VIP tix were probably the sound check and pre-drinks, so much fun!

Little Polka Dotted Dress- I wasn't a massive fan, I knew and liked most of his songs, but wow, he puts on a great concert!

Silvia - Thanks :)

mashi - I tried to get tickets for the original shows with Trey Songz with no luck! So I was soo excited when I got these tickets since I thought I'd missed out!

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