I heart macarons

I've been feeling pretty sorry for myself these past few days due to being awfully sick - starting with major cramps that lasted all day on Sunday and only got worse as the week started! I had 1 and a half days off work sick... and it's already Friday tomorrow!

Thankfully I'm feeling heaps better now!

I was down in Canberra over the weekend (since I hadn't been down for a month or so, I thought it was time for a visit!) I rediscovered this gorgeous Sretsis skirt, and loving my new Alannah Hill heart print cardi <3

I woke up bright and early on Sunday for the Southside Farmers markets with one mission only - to buy Dream Cuisine macarons! I also grabbed a delicious strawberry tart for breakfast and it was amazing. 

I know this is a big claim but Dream Cuisine have the best macarons - I would even say they are comparable to Zumbos' ones

L-R: honey and lavender (one of my faves!), salted caramel, rose, raspberry, hazelnut, lime and pistachio

I've finished all of them - and they were fantastic, will have to get myself to the markets next time I'm in Canberra to stock up 


They were a little smooshed from the journey to Sydney, but still good!


Anonymous said…
They look divine. I love the colours. I had a Zumbo 'smarties' macaron the other day, which was pretty good but it was navy blue in colour, which didn't look very 'smarties' to me...
panda said…
i heart macarons too!
Unknown said…
they look so yummy! Love the colours and they sound so amazing!

xxx Charlie
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derek said…
omg those macaroons! share! haha just kidding

you look adorable!
missklicious said…
prettyprettyyumyum - I love Zumbo's macaron creations, they are always so creative! Smarties sounds yum. I would have pictured it to be multi coloured though, spotted perhaps?! (instead of navy!)

panda - I want more LOL

Charlie - They are sooo good!

derek - *gasp* when it comes to macarons, there is no sharing! hehe jokes

and thank you :)
Marjorie said…
Glad you're feeling better.

Cute outfit!
missklicious said…
Thanks Marjorie! :)