Lick Chocolate & Bar - Canley Heights, Sydney

It'd been a while since I'd visited Canley Heights and whilst I remember it used to be busy, it's even more so now, with a handful of new restaurants on the main strip on Canley Vale Road.

One of the new offerings is Lick Chocolate & Bar with all things chocolate and a variety of drinks.

The menu also had some savoury items, mainly pizzas, which I thought was a nice touch as I always crave for savoury things before I tuck into dessert


Watermelon shake - my friend's order which unfortunately was more water than watermelon, but who goes to a chocolate cafe to order fruit shakes anyway?

Waffle with nutella, strawberries, walnuts and coconut

Chocolate fondant - this was just what I needed as it was a rainy day and a bit chilly, nothing a oozing chocolate centre won't fix :)

Lick Chocolate & Bar
3/329 Canley Vale Road
Canley Heights NSW 2166


mashi said…
yum, the food looks really similar to max brenner and the like. I'd love a waffle right now :)
missklicious said…
mashi - It is quite similar to Max Brenner and all those other chocolate cafes. I feel like waffles, or french toast right now!!!
I haven't had Waffles in I'm craving!
ooo i always drive past this place but always on the way to dinner then when it comes to dessert i completely forget this place is here like for example on sunday night i went to fat panda then went to little star for dessert when i could've walked over to this place awwww
maybe tomorrow night after dinner at superdish :D
mikenugo said…
Nice blog!! And thanks for the tips and photos, will visit the place tonight!
missklicious said…
Adrian - I'm craving waffles right now. Arrgh, Damn you cooler Autumn weather and rich food cravings!

Betty - You'll have to keep it in mind for dessert next time. Canley Heights is so vibrant at night now with all it's new restaurants!

mikenugo - No worries :) Hope you enjoy!