Friday, 22 April 2011

Bits and Pieces - Zara, Leopard Print & New purchases!

Hello! Hope you're all having a great Easter break.

It's been a busy and random week, and now I'm down in Canberra for the Easter break. Relaxing.

The cooler weather means I'm pulling out the tights - love these cute Alannah Hill heart print ones!

I bought these snakeskin flats from Sambag last weekend

They are so comfy! No need to wear them in, I wore them for the first time last weekend, and I did a lap around Brighton Le Sands with no issues. Awesome!

I picked up the free Shop Til you Drop polish from Kit Cosmetics. Looks pretty, haven't tried it out yet

Went to the Sass & Bide sale - picked up this t-shirt, well it's so big, you could technically wear it as a dress!

I like the lace detailing. I also impulse bought some PVC rats for $10, probably will not like them though. Damn me and my impulse purchasing.

Leopard is everywhere lately - I bought this cardi from one of the shops in the QVB

And of course.... Zara opened! I was one of the crazy people that went on Wednesday. It wasn't too bad - the line was only 10 minutes to get in at the front entrance, but it was quite crowded, and messy inside.

My Zara purchases:

Leather dress

I also bought a black pleated skirt and navy leggings. V. happy with my purchases! Can't wait to have a proper look when it dies down. Prices are reasonable and stock looked pretty good, from what I saw!


Corrina said...

OMG That leather dress is amazing! Awesome buys!

juznie said...

Nice buys! So jealous you went to Zara. I love the first pic too.

Marjorie said...

I love the shoes!!

missklicious said...

Corrinna - I know, I just HAD to have the leather dress when I saw it. Can't wait to wear it!

juznie - Thanks hun, it was mayhem at Zara but worth it for the buys! It will be so good when the hype dies down, will be able to have a proper look.

Marjorie - They are fantastic, so comfy!!

aelie said...

Gorgeous purchases hun! I love the flats and the leopard cardi! <3

retrodaze said...

Great purchases! I went to Zara on Thursday night, it was only a short wait at the side entrance but it was too crazy inside to buy anything! Hopefully it will be a bit better after a month or so and I make some purchases of my own :)

Sammy said...

love that cardi! <3

quixoticzephyr said...

Just when I was lamenting I could not shop the ZARA online collection, I stumbled on this instead! Will zip to ZARA’s asap in my tatty brogues (which I hope to replace with those of ZARA’s, fingers crossed!). Also, how much did your purchases cost?

missklicious said...

aelie - Thank you! :)

retrodaze - It was definitely insane inside, so many people and lines for the change room and to pay! I'm hoping it will die down soon as well! You'll have to post about any new purchases ;)

Sammy - Thanks! Leopard print seems to be everywhere at the moment

quixoticzeohyr - My purchases were quite reasonably priced! The skirt and pants that aren't pictured were just under $70, the faux fur knit was around $60, and the leather dress was $219

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

Ahhh, I have serious love for Sambag! Still on the hunt for a pair of faux snake/croc skin flats or low-heels =D