Sunday, 10 April 2011

Exploring Cabramatta

It's been such a lovely weekend weather wise, that it was hard not to want to go exploring! My new favourite place to have a wander and buy some cheap and yummy food + groceries is Cabramatta.

Sundays are busy so be prepared for the hustle and bustle!

These fruit shake shops are aplenty, and I love either getting a refreshing fruit shake, or one of the sweet coconut milk drinks - both are choose what you want 

My drink - was very good! And only cost $3.50, love how cheap everything in Cabramatta is!

Egg custards - these are best eaten fresh, with the hot centre oozing out - just be careful not to burn your tongue like I did!

Taro and coconut tapioca - this is always a favourite among the many sweets on offer at all the stalls

Sticky rice and coconut milk sweets - had some of these for dessert tonight and they are so good!


Corrina said...

Everything looks delicious! I'm beyond jealous, wish I lived there instead of sucky QLD! :(

Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

I love hanging out in Cabramatta for the day. So much tastiness and all so cheap!

missklicious said...

Corrina - Queensland is all kinds of awesome too! Hello, balmy weather all year round :D

Helen - I love it, best 'day trip' ever! So much tasty food!