Saturday, 2 April 2011

Grandma's Little Bakery - Collector, NSW

I love road trips and exploring little country towns - you never know what you might discover! 

On my last trip down to Canberra, my mum and I went for a drive to Collector, which is approximately 40 minutes out of Canberra (toward Sydney on the Federal Highway, just past Lake George)

What for, you ask?

There's a bakery located here on the grounds of the Fedra Olive Grove - a lovely place to have lunch or afternoon tea, soaking up the beautiful scenery and crisp fresh air

We sat outside, overlooking the olive groves

Grandma's Little Bakery menu - they are famous for their boreka pastries

I love the cute spotted cup my mocha came in - with a homemade marshmallow!

Beef borekas - these didn't disappoint, the pastry was so nice and flaky, and it was served with a side salad, mushroom sauce and a hummus like dip

Gourmet chicken pie

Inside the restaurant is a cute little shop with so many delicious choices, and tempting testers.

Carrot cakes and containers of yummy homemade biscuits

They also have afternoon tea on Saturdays, which we wanted to go to but it was unfortunately booked out. We did sneak a peek at it being set up though, and it looked fantastic! Will definitely be back for that.

More tempting biscuits - I had such a hard time choosing!

The staff were so friendly, they even came around with the taste testers, urging people to try them.

Old school oven stove - they had knick knacks like this all over the store

Another room with more taste testers such as olive oils and dips, they also had Lynwood preserves, lollies, olive oil soaps, and frozen pastries to take home too.

More temptation...

My take home goodies which were devoured in no time:

Butterfly pastries

Pistachio biscotti - these were the best, sooo addictive!

Moon and star cookies

Such a great place to spend a lazy afternoon enjoying the beautiful weather

5796 Federal Highway
Collector NSW 2581
Ph: (02) 4848 0240


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mashi said...

Ngaw... now that you've mentioned Collector, I miss Lynwood Cafe and their awesome scones, jams and coffee. I was so sad when it closed down last yr =(

This little cafe sounds lovely and cosy. Will make a trip here. Thanks for the recommendation x

thang @ noodlies said...

Yum, give me the carrot cake!

missklicious said...

mashi - They actually sell Lynwood preserves at Grandma's Little Bakery too.

It's a great place, you should definitely check it out!

thang - Mmmm I love carrot cake, but if I bought it, I'd probably eat the whole thing to myself. Haha