Monday, 4 April 2011

Macaron Monday - Adriano Zumbo

So I had half a day off the day of the Usher concert, so I was keen to beat the crowds and go to Balmain to pick up some macarons and cakes from Adriano Zumbo.

A parking spot was found quite close to the store. Hurrah!

Cakes, cakes and more cakes.

Eeek. Which ones to choose? They all looked amazing!


The flavours were Pineapple and Lime, Peach Tea, Salted Butter Caramel and Sweet Musk

I naturally picked one of each flavour as they all sounded delicious!

Obligatory macaron stack shot

Pineapple and lime - This is probably one of my favourites, even though they are all so good! It tastes exactly like a Splice. Love love love!

Salted butter caramel - this was amazing, as you can probably tell already. OMG. I would like 10 of these, please!

Peach tea - this was really good as well, full of tea flavour

Sweet musk - This was OK, I think because the first 3 were so amazing, it made them hard to beat...

I can't wait until the Star City store opens!

296 Darling Street
Balmain NSW 2040


Jade said...

The salted butter caramel sounds so so soooo good! Mmmm

Corrina said...

They look so perfect and delicious!

Sammy said...

omgosh, jealous! i want to go!

grace said...

mmmm splice flavoured macaron? sounds so goood