Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Exploring Chadstone

Just before I headed back to Sydney, we did a quick trip to Chadstone, my first time!

First stop designer section

Pretty Chanels <3

Tourist shot lol

*Sigh... Jumbo, you will be mine!

And then a quick and healthy 'lunch'

Of Ben and Jerry's icecream

Love Melbourne. Will be back soon <3


suki pooki said...

Omg drooling over those chanels right now! Luckily for me there are only two bags I like from them or else it'd be bad, as for LV well let's not go there! Im a brand whore =( It's bad! I love this shopping mall! It really reminds me of the crystal palace, all glass and steel! Something tells me I need to travel soon but how come the mall looks so empty? =S

mashi said...

Chanel = major love x

I've only ever been to Chadstone before the whole makeover. Hope I get a chance to visit it soon.

missklicious said...

suki - hehe Chanels are gorgeous :(

The only thing I want from LV is a vernis Alma, but I think I'd prefer another Chanel.

It's a Monday afternoon so I think that's why it's so empty, everyone is at work and school!

mashi - The new designer section was very swish x

missklicious said...

suki pooki - I know right, I'll be happy with a jumbo to my collection. The only thing that I want from LV is the vernis Alma, but I think I'd prefer the Chanel given a choice.

The mall looks empty because it was a Monday morning so everyone was at work or school I'm guessing :P